Osprey Nest with Eggs

Against the odds, the Ospreys have chosen the new stadium lights at Labatt Park for their nest. Tuesday, April 23rd, the female was at the stadium nest almost continually, not always sitting down, until it was too dark to see. Early Wednesday morning, both male and female were adding sticks to the nest on the lights. It looks sturdier now, but still not very large. It is possible that the female had already laid her first egg. According to avianreport.com, when the female lays the first egg, she spends most of the day and night protecting it, but does not necessarily begin to incubate it until after the second egg is laid.

Thursday morning, the female Osprey was nestled into the nest and did not leave until the male brought her a large fish that he had beheaded on the low platform. She carried the fish to the low platform where she consumed it. In her absence, the male made some adjustments to the nest and then settled down into it. By all appearances, there are now two eggs in the nest being incubated. A third egg may be laid in the coming days.

For a few years, Ospreys have raised families on the old light tower that was in the same location.

All photos were clipped from a video taken using an iPhone on a spotting scope on April 25, 2024. Unfortunately, distance and heat waves make for blurry photos.